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The windows OS that never was..


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Most people dont know about Windows Neptune.. It was the consumer edition of Windows 2000 pro, the update to windows NT, that was to come out in 200/2002..  But when microsoft decided to make ME the last of the 9x series and move to XP the project was scraped.  However, 2 builds were released!  5000 and 5011 were both sent to testers on Dec 27, 1998..  Of course when this Project Neptune was scrapped Whistler was formed which brought us Windows XP. 

The funny thing is that Neptune pretty much was a playground for XP.  Some of the features included a firewall, the a version of the current log-in screen for XP, and some other perviews of Vista..

What is looks like:


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There is also another Microsoft OS you never got to see or hardly even hear about.

Believe it or not it was "Windows 93" .......... it was to replace 3x in all phases but the BETA's and the prototype was so pathetic that they just kind of scrapped the whole works and pretty much started over thereby giving us Windows 95.

There is no telling how many MS OS's are in the trash can from where they started over after they saw how horrible what they were doing was going to turn out.

It surely did not stop them when they put out that embarrassing and impotent Windows ME ...... they needed to keep their feet wet during that time because Linux and GNU were really gaining on them especially with Red Hat hitting one of the highest marks on the New York Stock Exchange in the NYSE's history ........ Linux "almost squeaked into the real world" right about '99 / 2000 and probably would have if the Stockmarket / Software-Internet IPO crash had not occurred.

Gates rides on the wings of pure luck, timing and greed ....... and he is trying with all his little heart to 'Hard-Chip' Windows onto motherboards ........ once that happens, we are all screwed. No more "rolling your own" after that happens and if Gates has his way or he doesn

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wasnt there a windows 96 and 97????

No. Nothing 'til Win98 in May or June of '98. Then 98SE one year later, ME and 2000 in 2000, and XP in Oct of '01. I have purchased and used each, except for ME (which was really Win98 with a few new features that made it unstable and a generally crappy OS). Oh yeah, by the way, BOB wasn't an OS, but more like a skin for Windows 3.1 and 95. It provided a supposedly friendly interface for noob's.

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