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  1. Would it not just be easier to take them off the case and just put it in a local server
  2. You should try linux mint http://www.linuxmint.com/ Its Ubuntu done right on steroids What lexmark printer you got? I haven't found a lexmark or Hp printer that wont load automatically in linux and is ready to print 20 secs after i plug it in The true plug and play capabilities of Linux are amazing Way better than WIn 7 could possibly offer Oh and the compiz and KDE windows manager blow anything that Win7 Aero effects could ever dream of doing
  3. http://www.gregledet.net/?p=332 I follow those instructions once and it worked
  4. like to get on myspace? ok this is what you need you need a very good webhost or fast computer with good upload speed then you go and download zelune script http://www.phphantom.com/scripts.html get the zelune.net one its very lightweight but for experimentation and more advance features try a few more out read the read me file edit the css file and get your domain pointer to point to the folder where the scrip is at mine is located at SXSWCrazy.com which i just looked and its down cause i forgot to re register my domain over the Xmass break will be up sometime this weekend
  5. ok im going to need you to tell me a few things first what brand and model number is the printer second if you connect directly to the comoputer can u print using linux?
  6. some schools do it manually as they find out what their kids are using but most have some form of automated program that will try to prevent you from accessing proxy sites as long as u dnt mention proxy or myspace to much you will not be block automatically I like the first two suggestions
  7. Ok please do and please report any issues that you might have so i can fix them. Also I need a few suggestions for some proxy domain names If any1 have any ideas please let me know Im looking to make about 5 of them and need some good domain names
  8. Install Linux Mint Its Ubuntu done right with all the codecs and no terminal ever needed
  9. Hey guys I found a distro that all my god does it all from install and works flawlessly Linux Mint I been using it since Feb and Oh My god i seriously have kick windows to the curb I have not booted up to it in probably 3 months I even converted my parents to it and they love it. They are like I thought linux was hard to use and why are they paying so much for people who know how to set up linux when its been way easier to do than windows Only complain they have is Windows Media Player My dad loved that application seriously this is the distro I been reprimanding to every1 since i discover it. Plus its based off of Ubuntu and Debian so App comparability is a non issue . I have never had to compile jack shit or open up terminal Even my printer work plug and play with no drivers to load something that was a hit or miss with Windows Serously it has all codecs so u can watch youtube straight from the live cd as well as a great selection of apps already preinstall only thing i ever install out of the preconfigure stuff is that i Install Filezilla and Songbird
  10. Cricket works alright for me man. I like the service I actually had them charge me twice this month but I call them and they fix it plus gave me a $15 credit Its the first time its happen and i cant complain much The only thing that sucks is that its in very limited areas but here in Texas they handle the big 4 or " the triangle very well which is mostly where i travel The triangle is a huge area made of the 3 legs created by San antonio to Dallas , Dallas to Houston , Houston to San Antonio. Each leg is about 200 miles and they handle all 4 major cities here. Dallas San Antonio Houston and Austin ( Where I live) Plus a bunch of smaller cities like Courpus , Brownsville/ Mcallen, metro , El paso, Eagle Pass So yeah they work in all the major areas that I travel in. The service does have a few dead spots from major city to major city but thats to be expected in a state with such a big distance to cover heck even Sprint and Verizon still have work to do in TX The only complain is that in big festivals (which happen at least once a month in Austin) the service is useless since there is such a big population (200K+) in a very small area all trying to call each other at once. their networks get bombarded with request. But i mean the biggest news at this years SXSW was that the Iphone was unusable since there were so many people on 6th st (literally hundreds of clubs and venues in less than a 3 mile radius ) there were probably a half million people all in a 3 mile radius and guess which phone and service was the prefer one? The iphone and Ipod and ATT 3g network went to a crawl even after they brought temporary satellites to put in the middle of the street corner (costly) it was still a hit and miss. I had businessmen people with their big fancy Iphones come up to me and ask me if they could use my phone cause mine even though it took like 30 secs to connect was still usable once it connected
  11. Ok before you do anything else Heres what your going to do if u want to save anything First go to LinuxMint.com Download Version 7 "Gloria" universal. then burn it using an iso burner put this on the broken pc and select to boot a live cd ok so this might take a while eventually you will see a desktop (the whole OS is running from CD) then go to my computer click on your hard drive and it should mount it You should be able to see the contents in it. If you are plug in a USB drive open another my comp box mount the USB and drag folders to your USB drive It might seem long or hard but trust me its not you can also use the internet from it so you can look for more permanent solutions
  12. It would say a bit more if you could podt the minimum/recommended requirements for the games you want to play I would say instead of 4 gigs of ram if it were up to me i would go with 2 or 3 gigs and invest the majority of my money on a good CPU a quad core 64 bit one When you pick up a processor your pretty much stuck with it . You can always add more ram especially since ram prices drop almost every 6 months
  13. Man that sucks so bad Password might not be the best thing anymore since there a are lots of programs that can crack it / remove it that could easily be implemented to a virus since they are some that open source or are DOS base Some programs are even release by manufactures such as Unlock6 by HP Man this could suck major ass if it ever gets widespread
  14. So i just started a Proxy site for all the High school kids to get on mspace as well as for any1 else who has block access by their company/ goverment Anyway the site is at SXSWCrazy.com Besides trying to get the word out I was wondering if anybody else had a proxy site if so how much can you expect to make from it? Are they worth it? Whats the best CPM proggrams out there? I got Adbright any good or bad experiences with that?
  15. My uncle whos a very cheap ass has one and can swore by it He has been trying to persuade me to move to it more than the damn people who sell these things :2funny: As for me its all cell phone I got cricket so i have unlimited everything so fuck a house phone and if i had one it would be skype
  16. If your going to be checking these sites I would recommend spending some time getting yourself a Linux live cd that has flash on it or installing a linux portion so you dont have to worry about Trojans or viruses
  17. the starter version which is mostly design for developing countries and netbooks
  18. Ok I have an idea for a web app I just dont know what language i would need to look at to be able to turn it into a reality. Any help would be appreciated on where to start Heres the idea: Built a web based music player that would not grab music off of the internet but instead would scan your "MY Music" Folder and you would be able to control your music from your browser. it could also on the side provide more songs by that artist or era that it finds online. It would also sowly upload your most played tracks and artist to the internet so you can stream at least your favorite online from other computers later. So basically i want to design a web based music player instead of a local one why? Several reasons one because playing music off your computer thats locally stored has become very bloated by Do everything players that are resorce hogs 2nd uploading of your most played would mean that your fav music would travel with you 3rd Windows 7 Starter which limits the number of programs you can open to 3. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/246859/windows-7-a-nonstarter-on-netbooks.html So im guessing this would probably have to be Java based BTW I know C+ and Assembly language HTML 4.0 and CSS but am willing to learn whatever is needed to get it PHP MySQL Java Cold Fusion One more requirement is that it needs to be cross format cause i often use Linux I just need to get a lil help on where to start Also opinions on weather it is worth doing.
  19. Updates in Linux are so much easier and for the most part you can actually see improvments unlike windows
  20. I like the 4.1 version of KDE yeah it has bugs and a few glitches but hey tell me a piece of software that doesnt But hey if u need someone to make u linux cds let me know I will mail them to you I have an "unlimited account" that im trying to max out and see how long it takes me to get a letter from the ISP
  21. I will have to look at both Anti X and MiniMe im thinking i might just go with the full PCLinuxOS and then uninstall as much stuff as I can both Minime already does that its a strip down version where there is nothing install then all i would have to do is install FF, OOO(if Possible), Fspot, Songbird. perfect computer for a small kid that will more than likely never see a virus or adware Gotta love that part of Linux I started using linux to watch movies online using a live CD so my system would not catch anything. Now its mostly what i use aside ffrom my designer stuff. Man I tried fedora with this new released I like it but Im sorry OpenSUSE seems more appealing to me
  22. use something else besides itunes to connect to it such as songbird
  23. Use Virtual Box it hasnt let me down yet
  24. your ISP is blocking or monotirng this site they are censoring it your doing nothing wrong Gambling online is illegal in the USA it could have been classify as a gambling site and on your ISP watch list THats what it looks like to me but I could be wrong
  25. Anyone that has a powerful enough system to run this well wont give up their graphics card for this
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