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ok this really pissed me off


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I was using my computer and i smelled smoke, i look over to my left at my computer and it is filled up with smoke, i run unplug it as quick as i can, i open up the case and see this



Click to make the pictures bigger

my power supply should have shut off but it did't because some one did not put a auto shut off when there is a short. because of this i lost my video card.

but at least i had a BFG crad, so they are going to ship me a knew one.

the short melted the wire and the video card power connector.

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My deepest condolences, sometimes no matter how careful you are it seems theres always something that can go wrong with your computer. I fried a whole mobo and 512mb of ram in one night in a freak accident. Anyways what type of power supply was it? proprietary?

Makes me never want to leave on my computer when I sleep or leave the house again.

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Wow is that ever freaky, I dont use it anymore but I have an antec 480watt.

I know antec, they make the best power supplys its just odd why the did not put a switch in it to turn it off then a short happens. I can still use the powersupply, nothing shorted in side it,ive opened ad checked it. and did a wattage test on it and took it to 700 watts with no problem. i think there was too much current flowing through the thin wires. 20 amps mught bee a little too much.

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Why/how was that connected to your video card?  I would contact antec about that problem! that shouldnt have happened!

no it shouldnt have happened, i called antec and they are going to send me a new power supply one of these http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=28550

that connector was connected to the special 6pin nvidia connector along with another 12v connector, but the second connector is fine. it was just that little 6in section.

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