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Don't Illegally Sell M$ code! Here is why.


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Also got this from http://irc-junkie.org

William Genovese, 27 a man from Meriden, Conn. has been convicted to two years jail for selling source code from Windows NT and 2000.

We reported about William Genovese on the 10th and 13th of November 2004.

Genovese was selling chuncks of source code from Microsoft which were leaked and popped up on IRC and P2P networks from his website, www.illmob.org. He has stated he was putting the code on his website with only a button to donate to the website.

"They're using me as an example, to show if you do something like this, they're going to [work] you over. Why go after me? Why not go after the guy who took the code? Why not go after the guy who released it on the net?" Genovese has stated back then.

A security firm hired by Microsoft bought the code, and then relayed the information over to the FBI who again bought the code after which Genovese was arrested.

Genovese heard his conviction last Friday, being two years jail.

Mark Rasch, a former prosecutor at the Department of Justice he should not have pleaded guilty, which Genovese decided to do. According to Rasch, the source code was already widely available so no harm was done by Genovese. Genovese was convicted several times in the past for hacking computers and was at the time of arrest in probation.

It is still unknown who actually stole the source code. It is most likely a partner of Microsoft as the company denies a hack in any of its servers.

After a long rant on his website where Genovese explains he is convinced to come out of jail as a cybercriminal working for the mafia, he ends with "i'll see you guys in 24 months."

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