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Cable modem connection problems...


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Written in response to the question:

My cable connection is illegal. I had a cable internet installed legally last month.

Sometimes i am having problems with the connections. I have to restart my modem each time.

is this because of my illegal cable? is it true that Comcast is not sending enough load that both my cable tv and internet can handle. They are only sending enough signal for my internet since they think i only have the internet?"

Answer: I'm going to pretend you never talked about illegal cable, lol... that sounds like the installers problem for not noticing ;-).  At any rate, I worked for a cable company for nearly 5 years part of that time I was a tech.  A huge portion of bad connection problems well more like the majority of bad connection problems are problems with the customers end.  Meaning the problem is almost always inside.  Cables, splitters, routers.. etc.  -- a splitter is always an issue.  Splitters can go bad.. some pretty easy over the course of a few years and others that are up in attics may last decades.  Some splitters may only have problems with curtain frequencies, the normal television frequencies are less noticeable but the digital part of the spectrum is easier effected and always more noticeable.  Guess which splitters I most consistently saw that were bad... (evil) Radio Shack along with other generic splitters.  The splitters that were installed by company techs were almost never bad.  Soooo.. when you need a splitter go right to the source... your cable company should have these available to you at their 'front counter', 'payment center' or 'sales center' -- and usually free, and they give cables out too.  Reason they are free... they don't want to come to your house!  Even if your paying for a service call your cable company STILL loses money to roll a truck to your house...

Change out the splitter...

if that doesn't do it

  • check and make sure your coax cable (cable tv cable) has no cuts, nicks, sharp bends.  Also, check the ends and make sure that the ends look good.  The copper core should extend past the connector, but only about 2-3mm.
  • eliminate other splitters from the line, each splitter will drop your signal levels.  Even just two splits in a row can cause a connection to go out... 3 is almost always very bad.
  • death to all crappy cables - if you have a cable that came with your tv.. throw it AWAY.  Very bad and improperly shielded, signal litterally leaks out of them.. and other radio signals leak in.  Get the cables recommended by your provider, they will usually give these to you for free.. again... at their 'front counter', 'payment center' or 'sales center'
  • lastly, before calling your cable company take out a screw driver and walk over to the wall plate your cable comes out of.  Unscrew it and inspect the connection and cables behind the wallplate, check the connectors (look below at the images of good and bad 'RG6 F connectors') also check and make sure the cable in the wall has no kinks or cuts... you may also want to give the cable in the wall a tiny tug and see if there is a splitter in the wall (old loop systems are ran like that).. if there is one.. change it

If all else fails.. call the cable company ;-)

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