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tommie gorman

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its a good question and i dont belive you will get a complete answer

burst is something that dosent last for a long time, and i assume you refering speed bursts to a internet connection

during the years ive been testing and comparing speedtests ive seen that the most accurate speed if the test while atleast 6-8 seconds.

for a 1 Mbps connection thats around 110 KB/s x 6 sec = 660 KB (10 % TCP overhead)

for a 1.5Mbps connection its around 165KB/s x 6 sec = 990 KB (10 % TCP overhead)

and so on.

as greater file you testing with, as more accurate result will you get

if you have a lousy line with hevy packetloss, then a test with a small testfile will show you a greater speed then a large ( if your lucky and have no packetloss during that second), thats a burst.

no one can go faster then the modem cap, if so its just the test calculating speed wrong

i dont have anything that back this up, just my thoughts

VanBuren :)

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Of course you don't believe in a speed burst because you want the fastest system. My first test this morning resulted at 1.8 mbps (with the 2992 kb test file), there's no way that that's accurate. My second test resulted at my normal "accurate" and average speed for other users of 1.1 mbps, 132 kb/s. Running the test once or twice in Firefox always gives me an accurate test.

I don't have a definition, but that's my speed burst.

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