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Keeping my upload consistent

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I'm having issues keeping my upload speed consistent. In the morning/late at night--I'm steadily between 85-90 kbps. During the afternoon and evening, that number gets sliced in half to 45 or sometimes dips below 40.

I ran every a bunch of different spyware and virus removers, got rid of the spyware which helped a little bit, but its still inconsistent. Is there anything I can do or am I just a victim of peak time hours killing my speed?

If anyone has any advice to keep my upload consistent at 85-90 I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm on a router too, btw.

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Just a little update:

I want to explain my setup real quick, I have a router with 2 computers on it, and my Playstation 2 hooked up. Like I said earlier, my speeds tend to drop around 4:00 and last until 11:00, then they go back to normal(750kb/s download, 90kb/s upload)

Yesterday, I was the only one home and using only my computer--my speeds stayed consistent all night long. Some might say coincidence, but now I'm led to believe that the other computer is the problem. I've run spyware tests and anti-virus scans and cleaned it out, and its fine--so I'm wondering if maybe my router is not good enough?(Linksys BEFSR81) because I just find it hard to believe that the speeds can drop that significantly just because another person is surfing the internet.


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