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Verizon DSL: Remote control problem


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....i have a client whose computer I need to 'tune up' - I always use tightvnc as my remote control software, but my client cannot establish a connection to me....It would be very wierd if their ISP blocked those ports - blah !? - any suggestions !?

They use just a regular wired dsl modem with verizon dsl

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sorry if i'm wrong, im not sure, but doesnt those westell modems and gateways block out remote assistance? Because in the routers control panel, ther eis a place to allow remote assistance. Or is this some other type of feature and im completely off topic or wrong. I was just wondering. I once tried using windows remote access for a friend who also is on verizon dsl, but it wouldn't work so i think this may be it.

looks like this...

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Your Probably talking about "Remote Desktop" which allows you to connect to desktops over your home network. Many ISP's block port 3389, so you can't use this feature over their own network for security reasons. But "Remote Assistance" is diff because it alows you to connect to a desktop over the internet with the help of the other user. Which means you can only connect if they invite you. unlike "Remote Desktop"

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