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Transedge Says they can offer 192K no matter how far u live from tel co. ?


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Well i was looking around and i noticed something on the www.transedge.com website that has me kinda stummped.

Variety of speeds

No matter how far you are located from the phone company central office, choose from 192 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps or more. We use a variety of technologies to deliver the best service possible. And unlike your local phone company, we can provide outstanding, personalized service. For New Edge, going above and beyond is business as usual.

Hmmm i haven't got the time to call them and call thier B.s. yet but i will soon enough. Is that even a valid promise? to promise 192Kbps AT ANY location no matter how far form the tel co? It does say i quailfiy for ser vice and i did that friday maybe i have to wait to monday for them to respond? Maybe They mean t1 But from what i got off it , it means dsl not sure.

Dunno i just think its b.s to get someones hopes up by making a statement like that if they can't deliver. but like i said i will have to see but i know better than to get my hopes up.

hers the link to the page saying this.



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