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You will first need to download all of the test sizes you wish to use from http://www.testmy.net/speedtest_files/ then upload them to your server in a directory named 'speedtest'... you only need to upload the test sizes you want to use in your test.  If you have your own test files just specify them in your request (6 files max... our remote test can list up to 6 individual files for testing), we will take care of the rest.

if you wish to also have a remote upload test you will need to extract 'fw.zip' and upload fw.php to your webserver (if you put this in a folder other than 'speedtest' you will need to let us know when you submit your request).

After you have placed the files simply send a PM to CA3LE requesting that the test be created.  Here is a sample of what the message should look like...

Remote Test Request

Test Name: username
Make test publically available: YES
Monthly Allowance: not to exceed 300GB
Server Location: Phoenix, AZ USA
test files are located at: http://www.testmy.net/speedtest/
remote upload test?  If yes, where is the fw.php file on your server: YES, http://www.testmy.net/tools/test/fw.php
model theme after: default
[/code] You will first notice the "Test Name" field.  The default is the username you use at testmy.net.  If you wish to not use this please specify another name. You will also notice "model theme after".  We can make the test look like your website if you wish, just let us know what website to model it after (these requests may take longer).  If you wish to just use testmy.net's current theme either leave this blank or fill in with 'default'. All requests are usually processed within 48 hours. [color=red][size=8pt](note: although there is a bandwidth cap that is set, please keep in mind that the bandwidth cap is calculated on our end by adding up the amount data of the tests [i]completed[/i].  Tests that are abruptly stopped by users are not calculated.  So please keep in mind that the cap you set on your mirror [i]may[/i] be exceeded slightly.  Just a word of caution)[/size][/color] [size=15pt][color=blue][b]::edit::[/b][/color][/size] If you would like to change the rating on the results page, you may do so by including the following in your request. [b][i]--------------- KEY ----------------[/i][/b] [number] ...the quote on the results page is based off of the users score in Kbps, these are stored in sets.  The sets contain three things [b]$st_1_down[/b], [b]$st_1_up[/b] and [b]$say_1[/b] for instance (notice the sets are numbered 1-10).  The number in $st_1_down (or $st_1_up) for instance would be the score that's required for the user to see the quote in $say_1.... and so on. [b]$st_[number]_down[/b] is the download speed required to hit $say_[number] quote [b]$st_[number]_up[/b] is the upload speed required to hit $say_[number] quote [b]$say_[number][/b] is the quote for people who have speeds over $st_[number]_down or $st_[number]_up [b][i]---------------------------------------[/i][/b]
[code]$st_1_down = "6800";
$st_1_up = "1500";
$say_1 = "I'm not worthy!  Your connection scored 5/5 stars!!";

$st_2_down = "5200";
$st_2_up = "1200";
$say_2  = "Very nice indeed! Your connection scored 4.5/5 stars!!";

$st_3_down = "4000";
$st_3_up = "600";
$say_3 = "Nice, 4 outa 5 stars...";

$st_4_down = "3500";
$st_4_up = "400";
$say_4  = "Pretty quick... Your connection scored 3.5/5 stars!!";

$st_5_down = "2600";
$st_5_up = "300";
$say = "Okay, 3 outa 5 stars...";

$st_6_down = "1800";
$st_6_up = "250";
$say_5  = "Not bad, but I've seen better. Your connection scored 2.5/5 stars.";

$st_7_down = "1000";
$st_7_up = "200";
$say_6  = "Eh, 2 outa 5 stars..."; 1.5/5 stars.";

$st_8_down = "500";
$st_8_up = "150";
$say_7  = "Not the fastest broadband, but it's broadband... Your connection scored

$st_9_down = "200";
$st_9_up = "100";
$say_9  = "Slow by todays standards... Your connection scored 1/5 stars.";

$st_10_down = "100";
$st_10_up = "50";
$say_10  = "Ouch, are you on dial-up or something? Your connection scored 0.5/5 stars...";

edit: spelling

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