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Prince of Persia advice- for ppl that actually have this game...


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okay, for christmas, i got Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. i was pretty wary of them because i played a friends PoP1 a long time ago and i didnt like it because to me, the combat system was too shallow and enemies appeared not enough but when they did, there were too many.

for this reason, i havent even touched the PoP2 yet to keep it returnable. as i play PoP1 now i find it somewhat fun, (bout a quarter of the way through), but PoP2 has to be a lot better to make me want to keep it.

i dug up my old Electronic Gaming Monthly from a year ago for the PoP1 review (EGM gave it 2003 Game of the Year to give an idea of their review...) and their newest issues review of PoP2, and only one reviewer gave the review i was looking for, stating that she thought PoP1 was overrated and had the exact same feelings as me about the game, but said PoP2 corrected most of the problems.

so my question is, should i chance it and open PoP:WW and give up its ability to get a full return? gfxgamers/help.gif

btw, i also thought that PoP1 only having about 9 different kinds of enemies and about 6 of them are just variations of the same enemy is a total jip... gfxgamers/bs.gif (i read through the strategy guide at a bookstore to find this out)

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okay, so i finished PoP1. bout halfway through, i got used to everything and really started enjoying myself. so i figured, i guess ill open PoP2. i immediately noticed the changes made: the new combat system, tho it allows much more freedom and way more moves, just wasnt as fun. the graceful art of combat was replaced by a brute force combat style. the graphics are still really good, tho i liked the first PoP's better- they were brighter, more creative, and less like a dungeon... im gonna have to turn the brightness up on my tv everytime i play i because everythings visible, yet still too dark. the new feel of the game revolves around the princes dark new attitude. i mean cmon, just because hes supposed to die at the end of the game, doesnt mean he has to be moody all the time :lol:

another note about the graphics- the major storyline cinema scenes kick some serious ass, just like the last one, but also just like the last one, the normal ingame cinema scenes arent anywhere near as detailed. however, in the new one, they have a compromise type- not major storyline, yet not little cinema scenes that dont matter as much. the graphics in those are a compromise between major and little.

anways, if anyine who liked PoP: SoT is thinking about getting Warrior Within, be prepared for some major gameplay changes. lets just put it this way: after i finish PoP: WW, im selling it used and keeping SoT.

dont get me wrong, tho, its still fun, but imo, not as fun as SoT.

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yea ull meet up with her soon, i think. then u split up again and u go through some caves and stuff... bats... more beams... prepare for some of the worst levels in the game, but it gets better after u get out of the caves. also, i wouldnt miss farah so much if i were you, ull know y at like 95%. :)

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