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HughesNet to stop commissioning 4000s

Bird Fan

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Word is that HughesNet will stop providing new SAN and PINs for 4000 and 4020 modems on Monday. This affects the following situations:

1. Purchase of a used 4000.

2. Reactivation of a previously used, but decommissioned 4000 service.

3. Switch from one VAR to another (for those that have 4000 service with a VAR).

In each of the above cases, a new modem would have to be purchased.

Always possible that there are loopholes I have not been told about, but I consider the information reliable.


Sorry Tommie.

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WTF, that is cr*p. */+X##&^%Are you sure?

Man that bites. Damn I hope they are wrong. So this Monday Huh. I would love to blow that place up. What, are the 4000's costing them too much in bandwidth. Oh so down with a 4000, and up with 2 7000's I suppose. DAMN!!  :violent1::violent5::twogun::ar15::biggun::uzi::ar15fire::flipa::321::angry4::angry8::bs: :bs: :protest::pain10::angry5:

Check out the link to dslreports, there may be some more news on it since I've read. I'm sure it's going to be a very hot topic there... You might consider comissioning your 4000 sometime this weekend if it's worth it...

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I just got off phone with Dway supervisor and(whew) he said that all that would be required, would be to close 6000 account and start new account with 4000. He said that that is also true for the 6000. New e-mail etc... In other words no downgrading, just upgrading an present account. Damn I hope he is right. Suppose I will have to wait till Monday to be for sure. I know that there is still 3000's in service. Short prayer.... :notworthy:

And then hope they do not change their mind before September.

Also you cannot commission anything on the weekend. Plus a $300 cancellation.

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