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A little dw6000 trick


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Hi all happy new year - Here is a little trick that I have used that seems to work for me

dw6000 -98se -400mhz amd

If your downloads are stuck in "slow mode"  here is what I do to break the "spell"  tools internet options connections lan settings  (make sure both your proxy boxes are checked) and THEN check the auto detect box too.  The first few times after you check it and apply the pages will load slow..but wait and then try surfiing or downloading.  after the inital delay it seems to speed things along.  Then you can go back uncheck it and it seems to correct that slow downloading brain fart the dw6000 has.  I cant guarantee it will work everytime but I have found that it does help me... then again I just might be crazy- but give it a try.  It boosts my download speed when it is stuck around 600-700 etc..  HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOOD LUCK!

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