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Alrighty, i got a wrt54g, i am using a wireless pci card, G, and another wireless card on a diff comp, that is G, as well

does anyone know why i can only  transfer at 7-9mbps? it should be able to get 54mbps right, or hopefully faster than what im getting now? would cablenut hold me back or anything

might sound like a noob question but i dont understand besides the fact its wireless to wireless, i think it should be able to go faster than that

thanks for the help everyone :) in advanace

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Wifi loses a lot of speed compared to a wired computer. I seem to only be able to get like 25Mbps when transferring from my wired computer to wifi computer. Generally with 54g if you can get close to 30 thats good as its near impossible to get the full 54. What tweak file do you have on now? Maybe try a faster one and see if that does anything? I have the 100/100 css on the wireless computer when I was testing speeds and just left it on there because I was pretty satisfied with it.

Ooops, I just assumed this was on a lan network, is that the case?

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i have the 5000/384 one on one of the wireless, on the other theres no tweaks at all

i also noticied on my comp, one of the wireless ones if that it like stopped my other downloads, like it was clogged, i think it has to be the cable nut, and the limits on what i have applied so far

is that right?

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hahaha, good one

alright on one of the wireless comps, the one that didnt have a tweak done on it, i put the 100/100

and i transferred, i get same speeds, but i cant put the 100/100 on this right now cause im busy dling, and sharing some goodies, but when done i will

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