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Picking on little MS Billy, again!!


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It seems like the little Big Bois are at it again! This time Googlee and Yahooee have teamed up to go after poor little MS Billy over his new (wanna-be) nettie toy ~ IE7 beta 2.  You see, the new uppity-date sports a new feature (well, new to MS Billy, that is) search box in the default toolbar for that quick fix search (you know you need) ~ focus ~ input ~ hit. Only in IE7, you get your quick little fix from MS Billy's twin, little MS Searchee herself. Imagine that?

Well, Googlee doesn't like it and rappin' with da bois in the European Commish and in the apartment of Just us, they're throwing around biggie words like anti-in-competitive or somethin' like that. [You see, it takes all of four clicks to change the default search engine, a burden Googlee deems outrageously onerous to your average Joe Web user, along with their psycho fears of a massive exodus of Googlers heading north to Redmond to get their searchee fixes.]

But Googlee's not alone in their whining! Yahooee is sharing their anguish, too. (It's nice to see the bois getting along and sharing) But, with Googlish cunning and some yippidee yahooee's they've thought of a plan for a freetext dropbox containing a few 'choice' words, like Googlee, Yahooee, and little MS Searchee or Askmyhairy?dotcommie!! ~ the point is (I think) ~ "choice"!!

And of course, MS Billy counters that adding that extra step will only confuse the poor users, and the dropdown box thingy is bound to limit 'consumee' choice to only a select few that might make it onto that list. [The default is really only set to MSN as a last resort, MS Billy contends. If you are upgrading an existing system to run IE7, your IE6 settings will be imported, and if you happen to have set the rarely touched AutoSearch feature to something other than Microsoft's service, why, IE7 inherits the heathen setting without complaint.]

OH, . . . when will this WAR just end!! 

Bring da Bois home.dot.now and leave poor little MS Billy alone!

Link ~ New Microsoft Browser Raises Google's Hackles

                              ~  The New York Times

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