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Dsl and Cable internet into 1

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If your asking if you can take a 3mb and 1.5mb connection, bridge them, and then download a file 4.5mb speeds, no. You can use both connections to load balance though. Look into dual wan routers and see if they do want you want.

Someone seriously needs to invent that. 

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basically it's been invented. however, there are some major difficulties. if you want to combine two connections to dl one file from one source at combined speed you need to have the sender know that you have two connections nad that comp has to send some packets on one and then some on the other connection (by sending it to two different ip's).the only way to do this is to have your own server doing that. so if you have access to a server in a well connected hosting site that server can dl at high speed and then act as a proxy for you, feeding both (or however many you have) your connections at max speed. the proxy alone will cause a host of problems, not to mention the overhead from doing it this way. you would also need to run a similar system inhouse to put the multiple streams back together.

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