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Firefox safe mode, fix a foulded install


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This is some quick information for Firefox users that you may not already know.

If you're having a problem with Firefox uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox may not correct the problem you're having.  Whether it be a bug, fouled plug-in, incorrect extensions or just a plain 'ol screwed up install in allot of cases a reinstall will not correct anything.  The reason being Firefox retains your personal customized information (home url, font sizes, plugins, etc...).  This is what I consider a bug in Firefox's mentality and I recently ran into this bug when I was trying to repair broken bookmarks in my own install of Firefox  (Out of nowhere my bookmarks were gone and no more bookmarks could be saved).

When I tried to uninstall and reinstall Firefox upon opening after the install I noticed that everything was exactly how it was before the uninstall.  I then ran through the uninstall process again, this time deleting the C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox directory from my computer.  Again, after reinstalling Firefox I came across the same issues.  I then used the Firefox recovery switch in the command line.. this restored the defualts and repaired my problem.

To use Firefox in safe mode (recovery) you need to 

First.. close ALL Firefox windows... ALL of them, you may want to copy this text and/or save this web address so you cen reference this article again if needed.  (the direct and condensed URL to this post is www.testmy.net/forum/t-14183 -- )

Then go to

[start] then [run] and type the following

"C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe" -safe-mode

You will then get the following dialog box ---


Check all of the options you would like to reset and your DONE ... At least in my case this took care of the problem perfectly :)


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