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AIDS Prevention!!!!


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  Your welcome I love this site since I pretty much lay on my back all day all I can do is come and read posts!!! But I can get up and around alot better now in fact before christmas I was out shopping several hours and day for days pretty good for getting out of the hospital right after thanksgiving. I am feeling alot better and I am glad. Also for those of you that don't know I had back surgury on the 18 of novemeber. Also for vanburen and microwave and others that were asking why I have the surgury I swear I told you all before but I did post a thread before I think about how my back had came out of alignment and formed a little of a hump in my back. Well I had surgury to realign my back they inserted titaium bars into my back on both sides of my pelvic or back bones and inserted long screwed into the bars I think and then threw my bones almost all the way down the middle of my back!! So there it is I had back problems and the scary things is they sounded like alot of people have these surgurys and the is scary because I would hate for others to go through it IT HURT LIKE HELL AND STILL DOES ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats the main reason I don't post here as much as much as  I used to because I can't get out of bed alot before but now I am getting out of bed more and like I said about the christmas shopping yes it hurt like hell and my body said no you can't but I said no I am not laying in bed anymore it sucks and so after a few days or so of being more active I have to lay in bed a day or so to recover sometimes but lately I have been out of bed alot lately but I hurts mostly all the time I am up but I don't care becuase I wan't to get out of bed also before when I went christmas shopping I was on heavy meds but now I haven't took any meds since christmas or so so you can imagine I am in so pain but like I said I don't want to lay in bed. And you ask why am I not taking meds anymore well becuase the docs won't let me have anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I can only say that I have stood over many a gravesite giving the Eulogy to yet another soul lost to AIDS ...when they did little or nothing to contract it, let alone deserve it (though I do not feel there is anyone who deserves such a horrible end to life on earth).  **Yes, I am truly a Reverend, ordained and annointed (yet I believe in being human too)!  :) 

We agree with regard to the potential horrors that await dabbling in human genetics, yet there is little doubt that many governments have already "tried and tested" a great many things that the general public is not aware of.  Let's hope they soon produce a vaccinne of some kind for the AIDS virus, and other horrors of the planet ...like cancer (for one).


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