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How do you use

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Roco;I'm still going to check out Tick but here are the screen shots of the one I use .It sounds very simular.My time is unlimited so I don't have to keep track but this program does.

Hi Cholla , I like the look of your program I think it has

more detailed info, Tick is much plainer looking and

basic, but suits the people I know. they just use the


screen box (it can be set for size and  to hide when the

mouse goes over it ,

and for those on PAYG it keeps a cost and time log,

and it's free , been using it for years, just to watch the

speed on downloads or for dead links

but I am going to check out MyVitalagent , Thanks

I am using Tick logs to decide on my possible BB

upgrade ,

I use 1.3 Gb a month , but sometimes 2 Gb at the

moment I have 256Kbps

unlimited with 3 e-mail addresses

my ISP (Pipex ) can give me 2 Mbps with 2Gb limit and

1 e-mail address for the same money per month, I

could move ISP but this one has been faultless so far ,

and support has been really good with the one problem

I had with the phone line (BT) Pipex techie gave me a

lot of inside info on line testing, and he monitored the

result, and e-mailed me 2 a day on the progress , with a

address I could contact him on , +  a free dial up

connection for the duratation of the problem ( BT

exchange upgrade that went wrong )


BTW,  been getting a lot of =

"Connection Problems

Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database.

This may be caused by the server being busy. Please

try again later.."      you getting the same ?


P.s. is myVitalAgent   Free ?  I am wary of downloads

that say download free ,  but dont mention  free to use

Tick is totaly free, and works on any connection , used

it for 56 K dial up to 8 Mb cable , no nag screen and

uninstalls like a dream ,

Regards Roco  UK


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Roco: It is a free software by Lucent.This is where I got mine:


Has version 8.0 &8.0.1 I use the second one I don't know what the difference is.I have 8.0.1

I haven't had any connection problems at testmy.Since the other day when it was down for everybody.Then the small problem I posted but it only affected people not logged in.

The screen shot was to show almost everything.Normally its just about a 2" x2" window.the way I use mine & that can easily be sent to the system tray when it's in the way.But all I have it show is traffic.Basically either modem speed or web speed.I have found one thing about it with dial-up you need it open before you connect or it doesn't give modem speed.I don't know how it would work with other connections.

Like I said I will check out Tick but I'm used to this one & it works well.Probably both are good programs.

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Hi Cholla,

yes they both look good, I tend to stick with what I know, and I have a list of software too use on a reload (about 2 a year ) I hate hauling programs I don't use

and only have 4,5 GB on C , Xp+sp2  word etc. , I store all the junk on a second drive,  LOL 

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