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SeaMonkey...better than FireFox?


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Seamonkey is the new name for the old Mozilla Browser Suite - which, I believe, was the same as the good old (and I do mean old) Netscape Navigator. It has much of the same code as Firefox and also includes a mail  and chat client. I could very well be wrong, but I think that Mozilla is no longer updating this. I believe that is why they changed the name to Seamonkey.

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I installed SeaMonkey about 15 mins ago.  I can already tell you that it doesn't compare for plugin support to IE7.  It looks very much like the Netscape browser.  I don't know that much has changed at all, actually.

Is IE7 any better now w/Beta 3?  I installed Beta2 (or was it beta1...i dont remember) a while back...it was horrible, so i tried uninstalling it, and it completely screwed up IE, i had to reformat just to go back to IE6  :?

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