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Free motherbaord D865GRH and dual nic 10/100 SEALED !!!!!


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hi guys

okay so i was walking through the corridors in the offices like i do every day

and today was my lucky day, there is this guy in my department i am really jealous of, he has got soooo much free stuff from just grabbing stuff in the corridors today was my day i got an old but SEALED mother board.

plus i still have a sealed dual 10/100 nic to give away

i did a little video clip for you guys

check it out http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1129683234409797701


this is a donation for you, i could sell the motherboard for a few bucks i think 170 is brand new

maybe ebay for 100 i don't know, but i don't really care about it i got it for free

so its yours guys okay !!

but I'm not sending any of this items to a member for free

i want to see some one work for it, a logo contest or a scripting contest, whatever

but they got to work for it

thats my only requirement to give it away

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