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Interesting Results on Ping...Slow connection=less ping!!!


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You guys have seen my speed tests from before using Cheetah HS Internet (NGP Cable)...

512/up 1mb/down...and yes I was over the cap on both and yet my ping playing on our RTCW Server was still 110...(Server is located in Chicago & I'm in Arizona)

Now here's the interesting point...NGP also has a cheaper cable service (Cheetah Lite) that provides a 100Kbps connection up/down...and you'd think that with that speed my ping would go up significantly...but surprisingly it actually went DOWN by 20 so that I now have a ping of 80-90 on our server...Less Hops? Nope! As a matter of a fact it went up from 11 to 19...  :shock:

The other servers I play at I get even better ping  with the average being 50-75!!!

But hey, I'm not complaining...this service is much better than ISDN (faster with less packet drops) and has smoother gaming connection with much less ping...

Any Ideas as to why the faster (full service) cable would have worse ping than the 100Kbps connection??? This just doesn't make any since.... :roll:

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One thing I know for sure is that the cable going out of my bedroom from my house to the cable transmission line is exactly the same modem included...Now, once it hits the hub here in Payson and goes down to Phoenix I don't know if maybe they've got this service on it's own fiber-optics line...Or, maybe its because most everyone uses the Fullspeed service and this service just doesn't have as much traffic on it so it has less latency... :-|

Either way whatever the reason I'm happy for the lower ping... :)

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