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Bypass Cable Modem Firewall


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I have configured a new ftp server using the snapin iis in xp pro my computer firewall is all alowwed but i cant disable the firewall built in the modem how to i do that..

its a scientific atlanta supplied by my isp... when i hit it just gives me opton but none with port forwarding... so does that mean i cant create an ftp server...

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to all users who can see my ip address... can you visit my ftp site and download some files.. try the hd wallpapers just testing how much traffic it can handle....

btw its on port 2021 if you can & cant access it then post here.

btw the files are on my pc and i am in the uk in the midlands so if you find it soo slow then thats cause you are just far away from the host computer.

thank you


oh and post the speed you download at aswell...

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