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FireFox Rant!!!!!!

Guest helloimtim

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Guest helloimtim

Wow I will probably get flamed big time for this one. Personally I think fire fox is overrated. Its more secure than ie?? Ok how so??  I have used ie for years never had a problem. Use a goodfirewall,anti virus combo. A browser is not going to stop a major threat. Firefox is faster?? Don't think so. I have tried it. Nice browser. But faster. Nope. FireFox is a good idea for people that have some idea about computers. New to the net. Firefox will drive you crazy with all the have to have plug-ins. This major firefox tweak to make it faster. Sorry thats been around for along time. Its a registry tweak plain and simple. Countless sites offer the patch for the xp registry. Even has a cool little undo patch. Yes firefox has countless problems as ie does.The only difference is you have microsoft to help fix it. There will always be holes in browser,xp,firewalls, that hackers will find and someone has to patch. Thats the game. As far as allot of the problems that they have I can only suggest this. Stop using file sharing programs and surfing in sites looking for free full version software. Don't download exe files. Scan files before you open them. When in doubt delete the file. Common sense for the most part beats any security program hands down..........just my humble oppinion........let the flames begin. :D.....peace.....im out

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