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Should I trade my v557 for a MPx220?


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I would say no.. unless you are going to get the data plan as part of you calling plan..  If you are.. then I would look into the Motorola Q if you are on verizon.  I dont see the point in getting a smart phone if it has such a small screen..


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I'm on Cingular currently...I'm kinda wondering though, cause it's not my time to upgrade yet (still got a year on this phone, and as long as Cingular doesn't find out about any of the hacks I've done to it I still have a warrenty for about 4 months lol) and I really want a Moto for modding...I mean, I love these things, they are such great phones and they're beautiful as well

And really, what other brand phone can you change the outer screen to say -=MOD THIS=-  on when the phone is open so people (@ school mostly) who have the same model do a kinda "how he do dat?!"

It's funny, to say the least hahaa

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