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Wild Blue Satellites?

Mr Ranger

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Read here that Wild Blue was to use Horizons 1 Sat.  On another forum one guy says:  "They are testing right now on Anik F2 until there bird is lanuached but

since there bird is from same manufacture as IA7 (T7) it is going to be

longer".  Can someone shed more light on this please?

Mr Ranger

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Hi There Mr Ranger and allow me to welcome you to our Forum and TestMy.net! 

Great questions there, not much available for info because they are sitting on it, but here's what I know.  Hughes was hired by Wild Blue to build a dual-band bird (Horizons 1) which uses Ka and Ku bands for communications.  Hughes has assigned ONE transponder (frequency 1390) out of the 14 that it has for Ku, and has dedicated it to the entire North America continent due to an excellent footprint (plus it is an awesome bird by comparison to the others.

ANikF2 is still "on the ground" (yet up there) in that it is not responding like it should, and may need tinkering by NASA if things don't get better pretty soon.  IA7 (T7) is still not ready for anything except looking at at the moment.

Wild Blue will be offering accounts in the 2nd quarter of 2005 starting with East Coast (USA) users then will slowly work their way West.  Horizons 1 was intended to be used solely for Hawaii, Alaska and some parts of CA, but as it turns out the footprint is so very massive that they are repointing many customers to it, and some from as far East as Ohio!  (And they are getting "killer response" from that bird @ 127

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That is precisely right.  A time will come when it is maxed out and then the next transponder on board will be commissioned ...and so on, and so on, and so on.

There will be other "birds" that Wild Blue will be setting up Ka accounts with instead of just depending on one SatCom, but it is not known who they are working out the essentials with.  (BIG business there)!  Billions on the table at every turn!

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