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Where have my speeds gone?


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My provider is Armstrong Cable.  Compared to the big boys they are small time, however, they actually have a pretty good track record in the industry, providing service in Western PA, Eastern OH and WV.  So I come downstairs to check the ball scores around 3:00AM on 9/14 and the internet is down but the TV signal is fine.  I'm off work that day so I finally break down and call service around 9:00.  The tech guy informs me, without explanation, that yes our section of town is down.  Around noon I see a cable guy down town so I ask him about it and he said they were switching channels and had to change a lot of filters.  Service came back on around 3:00PM.  I test my speeds all the time at several sites between 5 and 6:00AM and I'm always around 4.5Mbps to 6Mbps (advertise is 5Mbps).  It does drop off in the evenings between 2 and 3Mbps.  Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today I barely reach 2Mbps, but speeds were normal Sunday and Monday mornings (this really has me confused!).  Modem signals are normal and I have no malware.  I emailed support last night and they said they were not aware of any issues during that time period and to schedule service ...blah blah blah.  The only other thing I can think of is the fact that we have had a lot of rain lately, however like I said the modem signals are quite normal.  Any theories?  Thank You!

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So dlewis23, this is my email and their response from last night: 

I test my speeds at several sites each morning around 5:00AM, when traffic is low.  Last week the internet was down for around 12 hours while they were "switching channels".  Prior to this change, downloads averaged between 4 and 5 Mbps during low traffic periods and were normally above 2Mb/3Mb during the evening.  Since Thursday 9/7, morning speeds sometimes haven't reached 2Mbps nor even 1Mb during the evening.  My pc has no malware of any kind and is running normally.  Do you know if this is just a temporary situation?  The overall stability of the service is fine by the way.  Thank You,

I didn't tell them I had two good mornings!  Their response:

We are not aware of any issue that should be affecting your service for this period of time.  If you could, please call in to our technical support help desk so that we may help troubleshoot the issue.  Our telephone number and hours of operation are 1-877-486-4666

Monday - Friday 8am - Midnight

Saturday - 8am - 10pm

Sunday - 2pm - 10pm

My speeds right now (early evening, moderate to heavy traffic) are averaging over 5Mbps at every site I test.  Do you suppose someone actually forwarded my observation to someone higher up?  Since my speeds were good Sunday and Monday morning I'll save the celebrating for now and keep you posted!  Thank You! 

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