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Changing from WildBlue Pro to SBC DSL a mistake?


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Had Direcway4000 for three years 'till February.(60+ hours on customer support line, never got promised speeds)  Dropped them to go to WildBlue Pro.  It delivered as promised until 2-3 months ago.  Service call; new tria, new 3.5mm coax cables,using their maximizer...speeds are still ALL over the place.  Up,Down,up,Down,Down.  Did I say Down?  Yesterday ATT (SBC) made DSL available here.  Please help me make an educated decision to change or not.  I am 8,900 feet from central office. (Too far? speed degradation due to distance?) Their "Pro" package is available up to 9,500 feet.  They say I will get 1.5-3meg down, 384-512K up. Today I have had download speeds from 47-157kB/s on WildBlue. Need to run two computers simultaneously through Dynex network hub. Deal....or no Deal?  I could live in a towsack hung in a septic tank (and like it), but I can't live with this. I am a blank slate...educate me.  Thanks ahead of time for your input.

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Wazza rt?  Also, how can I get outa the one year contract with WildBlue?  Oh yeah, ATT told me one dynamic IP address and it is an asymmetric connection.  any of this matter?

a RT is a remote termanel. (basically a DLSAM thats not in the CO) to get out of the contract your probally going to have to pay a fee, and none of that matters

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