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Guest helloimtim

I have started a habit I should of done allong time ago. Backing up files. I was wondering how to back up pre installed xp?? Just incase of a harddrive failure. I have my key. I found it by useing this. http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder.shtml. I have the system restore disks. Not sure thoes would work on a new harddrive. I would have my serious doubts. I just want to back up my pre installed xp just in case. Any ideas??.

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Use Norton Ghost and make a image of the whole c: partition, and save the image on another drive

the image is compressed so it wont take up much space, around 3 GB for me with a 10 GB partition.

but if your HDD is completely damaged and cant run windows, you need to reinstall XP and Norton Ghost to load the image....

EDIT: you can load the image from PC dos, with floppydisc, so you wont need to reinstall XP

VanBuren :)

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Listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The very best little utility for backup of EVERYTHING on your HDD in case of failure, or just parts of it is a feature of XP Pro.  I have made a file that you can load into XP Home that works without a hitch for making perfect images everytime ....and it is all I have ever used!

It is just the ntbackup utility that comes with XP Pro ....and here is that file loaded with the MSI Installer so that anyone can load it into XP Home in a heartbeat.  Once loaded, you will find it listed under you System Tools (looks like a Floppy Disk).

The Reverend  ;)

Nothing against Norton Ghost or ANY of those programmes .....but why bother when this one is FREE!  (and it has never messed us up a single time)!

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Yeah?  That darn arrangement rendered my systems USELESS for over 24hours ....but it may have been operator error.  I've never had a complaint about that little utility, the price is right....and it does everything my 'high priced' ISO makers  will do.  Amazing  Honest!  :)

But ...if it works for you...........USE THE SUCKER! LOL


The Reverend

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:) This is how this bad boy works for XP home users like my self.... :)

Install Backup on Windows XP Home Edition (lame that its not already installed 4u)

Users of XP Home Edition that have tried to back up their systems may have been surprised to find that the Backup utility is not included in the default installation of Windows XP Home Edition. No Backup icon is present on the Start menu in Windows XP Home Edition, nor is Backup listed in Add Remove Programs for Windows XP Home edition. No mention of the utility is made anywhere during the installation, but it is included with Windows XP Home Edition. It's just necessary to do a manual install to prepare it for use. Why did Micro-sloth try and keep this a big secret??

To Manually Install the Backup Utility

Insert the CD Rom and navigate to CD-ROM Drive:VALUE ADDMSFTNTBACKUP

Double-click the Ntbackup.msi file to start the wizard that installs Backup

When the wizard is complete, click Finish.

Thats all folks and it works nice just a little different than XP Pro..... :)

8) Microwave

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