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I have just upgrade my Linksys WRT54G v5 to the DD-WRT firmware which was succesful but after finishing the upgrade my router won't connect I am able to enter the sever but it wont let me surf on the web also it keeps asking me for my username and password which I enter but it wont accept the password i gave it, any clue how I can fix this?  :tickedoff:

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how would you double the ram on the router ? - i know that v5 routers had issues of not being able to flash the ddwrt o/s since the memory was not big enough....

i have version 4...i wasnt aware that you can actually increase the amount of memory - explain please

This is only for the WRT54GS v5, heres this http://www.wrtrouters.com/guides/upgradeto16mb/

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