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for those who like RC cars !


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:( Yep big boy toys can get 2b big bucks,  In the late 70's I had a slot car (just went on a track and had to pay each time) that the controller was almost $200.00 and ppl told me I was out of my mind....LOL that could be true but it was a lot of fun.... LOL  in reality all thats stuff is way overpriced but guys like me will buy it......... some ppl say the same thing about high dollar computers ........... but we all know there is no such thing as a to expensive computer.... LOL..... those cars are tight though....now I'm thinking about where they have em in my town...... jeez I cant see anything that I don't want....hehe

8) Microwave

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well, i wouldn't call it overpriced. the things are mechanical twins of their larger brethren, so you're looking at buying pretty much the same parts as you would for a normal car, sans the interior decorating and shit of course, only much smaller. the entire suspension is completely adjustable, you build your shocks to suit the track, different tires etc. etc. etc. and the engines themselves are mechanical marvels. i mean, spinning a 3.5cc motor at 30k+ rpm without it exploding, while getting more power than a motorscooter is just incredible. of course there's also the running costs, maintenance after collisions, nitro 2-stroke fuel at 40 bucks a gallon, tires...

there's a 1.2 cu in, 20cc 4-stroke out there with electronic fuel injection. the damned thing has sensors for the vitals and a small comp to regulate fuel. it's amazing.

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