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DW6000 and Networking Issues


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HELP, I've had a home network up and running over a year now.  The system is a D-Link 10/100 8-port switch (hub), a DW6000, a PC w/ XP Home - SP2 and a HP Jet Direct J25593A EX Plus 3 with a HP 4L on Port 1 and HP 1100C on Port 2.  Nothing has a static IP, I let the DW6000 assign IP addresses: is the DW6000, used to be the Jet Direct and was the PC, 

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Pretty sure I was able to "fix" it.  Some additional searching found quite a bit of discussion on HP's website.  Why it didn't spring up earlier, hmmm?  XP SP2 and HP's Jet Direct don't play well together.  The suggestion / solution was to remove Service Pack 2 and reinstall the port and printer driver.  I have not yet reinstalled SP2, but both printers are up and running again.

My "fix" this evening comes after my wife being on the phone with DirecWay for 1.5 hours and also with Microsoft for another 2.  Microsoft tried their best and even conferenced called in HP, who basically said they no longer produce or support either of my printers or that model Jet Direct.  That's nice support.  I'm still using two of their calculators from 20 years ago daily.

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Instead of using HP Jetdirect when you configure your IP port, you might try "generic card" when you make the new port.  We have many older JetDirect printers here, all of them work fine with SP2, but we use the "generic card" when creating our IP ports.

I have setup ports two ways:

(1) thru the Windows printer, Preferences, Ports, Add Ports option.  There are two choices, HP TCP/IP and Standard TCP/IP.  Do you mean not to use the HP option when you are referring to "generic card"?  Did I mention I'm using the external 3 parrallel port version, the Jet Direct EX Plus 3?  I can't seem to enter just the IP of the box when I install a printer since it has multiple ports.  I have to do it after the install as described above.

(2) The other utility I use is HP's Install Network Printer Wizard (INPW).  We use it at work all of the time.  It can scan the whole network or allow you to enter the port directly.  It immediately detects the three ports and prompts you to choose which one you are using.

Thanks for the additional input.  I'll keep you posted if I have problems after reinstalling SP2.  Losing my NVidea 5500 drivers when I uninstalled SP2 was a real downside to my "fix".  I had to plug back into the Intel motherboard video afterwards.  Oh well, now I know what I'll be doing Saturday morning.

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I didn't realize it was the parallel version, but I would still try it using standard tcp/ip

I think you are going to want to set the IP of the Jetdirect to a static IP:, and specifically put that in the exeptions box.  Did you try printing with the proxy turned off period? 

The proxy settings should look like the screen shot here....although the need for the proxy at all is debateable...

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