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  1. I hope they fix the outlook 2010 color pallette...I find their lack of contrast disturbing....
  2. I still say SuperAntiSpyware beats sliced bread any day......
  3. The first time I saw this, I was like, "Yeah see ya in 30 days" lol.....
  4. try running memtestx86.... http://www.memtest.org It might not be the RAM, but this will tell you if the processor has memory issues on the chip....
  5. THe first thing I can think of, is to make sure the default audio output on the computer is set to the Radeon 4850, and not the audio on the MB.
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220559 On a laptop you are going to want Intel. Cooler, faster, and better battery life. This is your best $800.00 laptop in terms of value IMO. Toshiba support sucks. I don't know much about Acer anymore. This also has a 7200rpm hard drive, and a better graphics card than the rest.
  7. Make sure you go ahead and get a deck with USB support. IPOD doc in car is bitchin! Or your choice of other mp3 player, or flash drive for that matter....
  8. I put the beta on my macbook pro as a 2nd OS, and it didnt "need" any drivers. I finally got bootcamp installed (kinda) to get stuff like the webcam to work, and it runs great. I have been using it exclusively at work to test our network and software with it, and have experienced no issues at all, with the exception of the video card driver, which I updated from ATI, problem solved. It is a lot faster than Vista, and you'll learn to love the taskbar, which I hated at first.
  9. The "upgrade" version will also do a clean install. So you can still take advantage of the deal.
  10. If he posts your information online, sue him instead.
  11. How old is he? He may have seen that you were young, and he is trying to take advantage of you. Tell him to stuff it. Make sure you get that serial number if you can. I doubt that any small claims court will even here this case, if he were that persistent.
  12. Copyright violations are a civil matter. The US gov't can't do anything about it unless Microsoft accuses you of pirateing their software.
  13. Did you try removing it from device manager? I may have just gone bad. This happend to me before. I just had to replace the darn thing.
  14. The character's name was Michael Bolton.
  15. Actually, some of the "reviews" i've read have been quite good. It's supposed to be much better than the previous x-men movies. Leak was a version that was only 95% complete, not the real one.
  16. I effin LOVE Sams's Club! People just don't realize how much money they could save shopping there. Especially on food. Not to mention their basically no questions asked return policy. Sam's is the mortal enemy of my bank account.
  17. Thats how it was here too. Best Buy is right across the street from CC. I hate Best Buy. At least CC kept their store organized,and had more Home Theatre stuff. THe manager at our CC had been with the company for 25 years,and ran a tight ship. I hope he can open a "mom and pop" shop like he wanted to. I'd much rather shop there.
  18. Which card? Credit Card? You can use it anywhere anyways if that's what your talking about. I got a letter saying it was being converted to a Chase rewards card. Oh wait, did CC have an in store credit card? Mine was the Circuit City Rewards credit card. It doubled as my rewards card. RIP Circuit City. You were so much god damned better than Best Buy. But not by that big of a margin lol. NewEgg ftw
  19. It might now, but if the TX burns out with it running that high, at least you'll have an alternative.
  20. When I had that set, turning Active Control off resulted in the picture looking like pure garbage. I don't know how you can stand it with it off. I couldn't see anything in the dark scenes. Then again, the flipside was that with it turned on, anyone with a spot light on them looked so bright I couldn't stand that either.
  21. You could always upgrade to an older Buffalo N router. They can be loaded with DD-WRT as well, with the benefit of N.
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