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YIIIKKKEESSS!!!! What is this about?


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I have the newest version of Zone Alarm on my pc. When i do the Shields Up test through my dialup connection, I get a "Passed" Total Stealth rating. When I test "All Service Ports" through my dw6000, practically every friggin port is open!!!

What the hell?

And that is through both IE and Firefox...

What am I missing?


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Try going to www.symantec.com and do a scan there. You'll find it on the left hand side towards the bottom. It says Symantec Security Check. You should show totally stealth there. I find that the one at GRC is scanning my DW6000 and NOT my computer, so it shows all the ports open. Don't think they are setup for the new satelite stuff over at GRC. Try the one at symantec, as much as I detest most of their products I do trust this scan. Hope it helps!!!!

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