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Home LAN system is strange? 3 Computers are fast, one isn't


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I actually have a wireless network at my house too (802.11g) I don't use the wireless anymore :? because I only had it for my laptop and I don't have that anymore, so my other 4 are hardwired...

But anyway, even though your connection is capable of up to 108 Mbps :twisted: (you may have the 54 Mbps version) there are many factors that come into play with wireless such as interference and loss from distance.

So my question to you is... are all of your computers on wireless? If so, why? The easiest fix is to go Ethernet to your main (fastest) PC, your router is most likely RIGHT next to it anyway... if not, just relocate your router to the room with your main PC and use that as your central location and go wireless from there... the other PC's are okay and now your main PC will be cool.

8) I personally like wired... It adds equity to your home it's faster and it's more kick ass (I have a closet in my house full of equipment the routes my phone, cable and internet --- it's fun to show off to company :wink: )

Post again if this is still unanswered.

- Damon

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