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Hughes net, Linux and Tweaks


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I had a DW4000 system for several years. I can tell you that you can't use the Linux server to receive internet from your modem. The software is written only for Windows. You can use a Windows machine to receive your connection, then put a switch in line to go to your Linux server, but that would be defeating your purpose. Your best bet would be to upgrade to the HN7000s, it has a self hosted modem, that you can hook directly to your Linux server and manage your network.

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I'm already doing that bigdawwg1, have XP to host DW4000 and then a Linux machine. But if I upgrade to DW4200, a modem is added to the two existing ones and I can, then, remove the XP computer and connect directly to the Linux machine.

What I'm asking (if anybody had such an experience, of course), is that in this scenario (DW4200---Linux) is there any tweaks to be done if the line gets down, or everything is managed by DW?

What can you say about your experience with DW4000, bigdawwg1, is there anything to tweak in the DW software installed on XP environment? Have you tried any tweaks there or just tweaks on the XP?

If I upgrade to HN7000s, is there any tweaks for it, inside the box?

I have the 4000 since 18 months, but since I found this forum 2-3 months ago I started to tweak XP (I was just newbie then and now I'm a tweaking expert:P) and learned a lot of things. If somebody is interested on my experience: the XP computer with DW4000 needs constantly tweaks, almost full time care. I got a 512/128 line and usually when I tweak it constantly I get 512 and up (my record, i guess, 1mbit). Only this afternoon something strange happened, for about 3-4 hours the line was at 7-15 kilobit, then came back to normal. God knows why (apart DW...;)

Anyway, cheers and thanks

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I can't answer your questions about the DW4200 because I have no experience with it. I had the DW4000 system for about 5 years and had some bad service, and some really good service with it. The last couple of months before I upgraded, my speeds were very low. I did some research to find that the popular opinion is that Hughes is  doing a lot of load balancing, and in turn caused the load on the bird and transponder I was on to be very high. I also feel it's only a matter of time before Hughes phases out the service for DW3000 &4000 customers. (I actually got this from a Tier4 tech support guy).

As far as tweaks, I used DRTCP, which you can download from http://www.dslreports.com/drtcp

Antother good forum to go to learn about Hughesnet Satellite is http:/www.dslreports.com/forum/sat They have a world of info about all the systems Hughes has. They have a section called Satellite FAQ - Tweaks and Tips that is very helpful.  http://www.dslreports.com/faq/satellite  Hope this helps.

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