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router to router config problem

Guest jeffwalker9999

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Guest jeffwalker9999


need help to configure routers

R 1--- Linksys Wireless G Router ( can get model # if really needed) as the outbound wireless unit

R 2---- Netgear Wireless MR814v2 as the Receiver for the signal from the Linksys admin/password lets us into the config settings for the Netgear

but cannot get it to see the Linksys signal 

In the Netgear we have but in ssid and mac address

as a wireless card and other settings

but cannot get to config

Cannot get into the Linksys config

as it is in a offfice and staff will not allow residence to use or touch pc

or cable modem

:uglystupid2: any ideas or help

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Guest jeffwalker9999

set the netgear unit to receive the linksys unit is what we want to do

can not get access to linksys as in a office and cannot use the pc it is connected to at all is being seen as WRT54G if that helps - and asks for a user and pass (screen)

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Guest jeffwalker9999

I was incorrect ids as 2140WVEGASDRIVE

a screen asks for a user id and pass

it was --  no user id ---pass was admin1 ( staff told me possable password)

got into the config screen and only showing my pc "jeffwalker9999" in the dns table

I think I got what to do to the Netgear unit now

again thanks

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