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DW4000 slow down after mixup


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I have used DW4000 for over 2 years now. I stumbled upon a site listing tweak options that significantly improved by download speeds. Mainly using DrTcp really helped.

I ordered the DW6000 upgrade but after seeing so many negative responses from people on these forums, I returned it unopened.

Everything was fine, until today, when I could not browse at all even though status was connected and good signal strength of 89.

After 3 hours on the line with Direcway - first in India, then in Advanced Tech support, it was discovered that they had commissioned my satellite for DW6000, even though I returned it and it was never activated.

Anyway, they finally reset the settings back to DW4000. But now my download speeds are significantly slower.

They had me do all kinds of changes to settings, etc. and even system restore.

I reverted my Dr.TCP settings back to where they were before, when they worked.

I guess my question is, what else can I do to improve speed on my DW4000 that is now back, but not as healthy. Thanks for any insight.

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did they have you upgrade your software for your DW4000?  If so then you may want to switch to the current version you were running prior to the "upgrade" I know in some later versions of the software websetup could be ran without a phoneline but that came at a cost...mainly speed.

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No, I already had the latest version of the software.

So they tried to get me to go through web setup (about 25 different times and with about 25 different variations in settings. Then finally, I connected through a phone line and was able to run web setup successfully. So I guess the newer software didn't quite work as advertised (for web setup).

Should I try to revert back to an earlier version of the DW4000 software?

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I don't guess it could hurt...when I had DirecWay I had the DW6000 (back when it was actually useful) I only used a DW4000 once when I helped to setup a network for a friend...I also wonder if mabey they changed you to a different transponder as well when making all of the changes...I would try another version of software and try a system restore to about 2 weeks before the mix up.

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You may want to remove any software and reload thats the one that uses a phoneline . I didn't notice any speed loss with the new 4.2.1 software, that's the one that commissions without a phone line. Also, minimize your page file this helps speed a bit. (from the Dway help files) BD51

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How do you minimize your page fiile?

:)      bubba1965  ....OK, for starters, by default WinXP allocates 1.5x physical memory for the MAX pagefile size. The recommended size is also 1.5x physical memory, but most people will also recomend that you keep the MAX and MIN size the same. Experimenting will help you determine the best size according to your needs. You may find that you don't need a Pagefile at all, as many people with 512MB RAM or more can disable the pagefile. Others find that they only need a small pagefile while others still need larger ones due to the types of applications they run.Remember you can always go back to your starting point.

To change the pagefile, you can right click My Computer, select Properties, in the dialog box select the Advanced Tab. Under Performance, click the Settings button, in the dialog box, select the Advanced Tab. Under Virtual Memory you can change the size and location of the Pagefile I hope this helps a little.....  :)  If not there are instructions (pic) for plan 'B"..... L0L

8) Microwave

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