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In God we trust

tommie gorman

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*****News flash for all those who said snopes debunked this article. *****

I wish I had some of those non-existant coins now. :angel::cheesy::azn:


Tommie: Go to snopes.com and type in their search page

the words Washington gold coin and you can read the truth

about it. By error some coins were made without some

inscriptions on them. This was not intentional.??? I think

that your original post was debunked. :lol: :lol:

This $1.00 coin will go over like the last one, no one wanted  any.

I refused to accept one in change, would put holes in your

pockets with weight.

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I like cancelled checks. It proves it was cashed.

I just went through this with a mortgage not more than a week ago "sir, do you have your cancelled checks to prove this?" Without those it is hard to prove many things. It is a much better reciept. All around just much more handy.

Now for corporate or something else, maybe...but for a very small business it is the only way to go.  :smiley:

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