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In God we trust

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> >> Today a friend picked up at Bank of America several of the new $1.00

> >> coins with the picture of George Washington on it. To his shock and

> >> dismay the words, "In God We Trust", are not on this coin! A quick

> >> search of the other coin denominations in his collection confirmed that

> >> every one contained these faithful words. The new George Washington

> >> $1.00 coin is the first money ever issued by the USA in modern history

> >> without the words "In God We Trust". By omitting these words, our

> >> politically correct, secularist leaders made a conscientious decision

> >> that either; 1) God does not exist, or 2) that God exists, but can no

> >> longer be trusted. We should all be personally offended and fed up with

> >> the denigration of God and Christianity in our country. Certainly

> >> George Washington would never have agreed to his picture on the coin if it any

> >> way diminished faith in God. What can we do to show our displeasure?

> >> First of all, let's boycott the coin. Do not ask for it at banks. If it

> >> is given to you in change ask for dollar bills instead and tell the

> >> person why. Write your Senators stating your displeasure. Finally, i f

> >> you agree, pass this e-mail on to others. Collectively, we must send a

> >> strong message to those secularists who are trying to remove God from

> >> our culture. If we do this, some 300 million $1.00 coins will back up and

> >> rot in the supply chain!

Don't think I like this one. I will not be accepting any for me.  :angry5:[not-fair]:angry:

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I could be wrong but i was just looking at the US Mint website and it shows "In God We Trust" on the outside edge of the coin. I haven't seem them for myself so i don't know. I'm not a religious person but i think it's pretty messed up if they did take that off. It's what this country was founded on and I feel like it should always be that way.

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