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Don't know if anyone is here but... im wondering PINGS???


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How are pings for gaming with the 2mbit/512 package?

I am really interested in this as I might be moving that route from onelinkpr.net and I wouldn't want to loose the ability to play online.Off peak hours with onelinkepr.net I get around 70-90ms ping. Which is decent for gaming.


Thank you

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Since ping tells you the round trip in seconds of a packet of data, its mostly a measure of distance.  But its also affected by other factors, cpu load on each computer and network usage.  Come to think of it, using 100% memory would affect ping more then 100% cpu should your computer write to hard drive.

Do you have 300+ pings to every player/server?  Would you be able to ping another computer in your home or at least one with the same ISP?

I would be happy with pings under 100 because 100 milliseconds is equal to one-tenth second.  So does that mean that during a first person shooter my position is relayed 10 times per second to the host?

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4 days ago I was able to have pings under 100 on most servers i joined... Its a problem with a "slow browsing" as they call it.. its probably a problem with one of the routers (I worked there) and they rerouted the traffic and overloading one of the routers. As of now my effective bandwidth with the testmy.net is 190Kbps... i have a 2mbit connection.

What I am trying to find out is if everyone is experiencing this or is it just me, because if it is just me then my dslam is overloaded or my card is dead. Either call someone upstairs and try to restart the card or ask them to move me from my selected port.

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