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The dangers of dieting !


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YO-YO dieting puts your health at risk and leaves you more overweight, a study has found.

US researchers found people typically lose between five per cent and 10 per cent of their weight during the first six months of a diet.

But more than two thirds of fad dieters pile the pounds straight back on, putting themselves in danger of heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Researchers from The University of California warn that the strain of losing and gaining weight puts strain on the body and most people are better not dieting at all.


Cpt.Bonnick - hauled off a passenger flight in handcuffs just minutes before he was due to fly the  jet from Heathrow to New York -

"It's thought he was on a strict diet - a side-effect of severe dieting is it can make your breath smell strange, almost as if you've been drinking."

A spokesman for Virgin Atlantic said: "His sample has come back negative and so there is no action being taken. The results show he was completely clean and police confirm no action is being taken."

Well that's good news, I think I will have another burger !  , as I wouldn't want to put my health at risk  :lol: 

quotes from UK press

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I think they refer more to radical dieting, i.e. dieting for just some amount of time. The way I see dieting, it's a change in habits for the rest of your life.

fully agree with you there Le Murphant , we had a follow up TV program on the slimmer of the year 2 years on  :evil6: most had put the weight back on ,

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I need a burger.  :sad3:

no you don't , you just think you do ,  :evil6: send it over to me I will dispose of it for you ,  :lol:

but I must remember the excuse for comming home from the pub  smelling of drink ,

You have been drinking !, no I haven't I am on a diet  ,  :lol:

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