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I have a question about SVChost. At start up when everything is loading svchost goes up to 100k memory usage and after about a minuate it goes back down to 34-35k memory usage. I was wondering if that was normal. How much memory does your guys SVChost.exe take up?

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There are usually a few processes named svchost.exe.  If you're worried about trojan activity, check this out. 

Win XP?

-Open task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)

-Processes tab

-View > Select Columns

-enable "PID (Process Identifier)" and click ok

-now go to command prompt (start > run > "CMD" > ok)

-type netstat -ano

You can match the PID to the svchost in task manager.  Not sure what the IP is?  WHOIS

You can also try booting into safe mode or safe mode with networking to see if it does the same dance.

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