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  1. I work in an small educaton center and I need to print ID Cards. I dont work with professionals so we are stuck on how to print id cards / roll numbers for examinations . My colleagues were able to get ready to print them using Microsoft Access. They are stuck in photo area. Can anyone tell me a better software to use. Or Help me in Access on how to attach photo to the id card automatically to all. they key field is roll number. all unique. Thanks
  2. hey guys but will i be able to get HDMI signal to lcd monitor thru some tuner???????????
  3. so would there will be some tuner which takes the HDMI output of xbox then converts it into analog to go into my LCD ?????? are such devices made.
  4. hey but like i said. its analog LCD that is those general monitors with 3 lines of 5-6 pins and 2 screws on side go in . its not DVI will it still be better and HD?
  5. hey so tell me . what if you put convinience out of the way . completely. whats better now . lcd or tv?
  6. hey try to be more specific in tell HOW IT GETS REJECTED. do you know about UAC in vista? the most absurd things sometimes help so try disabling it. oh by the way I am from India i am sorry for the inconvinience
  7. i am planning to get a xbox 360. i have a 30 inch flat SDTV . my pc monitor is 20 inch LCD analog input. both are samsung (this is irrelevant im guessing) comparing 30 and 20 inch size doesnt matter to me . please suggest where should i play xbox 360 on for the best experiences. any pros and cons will be appreciated . the more technical help the better. thx guys mainly im wondering where i will see more stunning graphics. :undecided:
  8. thats correct. virtual dub is really really great video editor. you can search for codecs online for the type of conversion/creation you want to.
  9. here's a question . would u date a girl older than you?
  10. i think what you want to do is convert normal avi wmv videos you have to the standard mobile / v3i file format which is .3gp . ITS QUALITY IS FIXED . ur issue wass a bit misleading. get NOKIA PC SUITE . it has a converter which converts any video to .3gp. or search for something else . dont say that you want to "reduce the quality".
  11. at least most u guys have IMAX to go to me living in India where some ADLABS franchise has struck deal with IMAX and put up couple of theatres. Its horrible . i mean its just around three times more the size of a normal screen of a theatere and probably showing a higher quality res on the movie . an they call it IMAX . i wanna sue them
  12. have you tried writing a dvd yet? your windows could be an erroneous as well. "pehle download toh karle"
  13. solidsnake


    no svchost.exe on vista
  14. i dont thnk that . use it while u can
  15. what is paintball? sry no idea. but i think its some gun game with paint as bullets?
  16. how is this theft . what did he do ? plz explain
  17. This is weird and awesome and I AM SO NOT JEALOUS so what if if pay around 20 dollars to get 256 kbps upload download. and youre getting 2mbps for free. hope it lasts
  18. complain all over the........ ahem ISP theyll fix it . if u cant find the prob. as u said u are no brains then u might really need a help on ur comp and a forum may not solve it
  19. what is your issue? are you supposed to be getting more than 30kbps as promised by your isp ? Please be more specific. Welcome to TMN by the way
  20. thats great . ill guess ill stick to it
  21. i kinda didnit get your problem . anyway such errors might be fixed in one way. worked with me around ten times . if you can arrange a windows xp professional disk for some time. from anyone . you can boot ur pc with the disk and then START installing the windows . before it installs it will scan ur hard disk . and remove any error if its there . most likely ur error gets removed . and u can just cancel the install.
  22. can you explain please? i thot 64 bit processors should be run in 64bit OS for best performance.??????
  23. THank You Very Much NOW IM IN TROUBLE . GOTTA GET A 64 BIT OS
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