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Limewire Changes "My Music" Default Icon Image


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I am using Vista and it changed the icon when I installed Limewire. It did the same with Windows Xp, but then I knew how to switch the icon back. Why does Limewire do this, and how can I stop it from doing this? How can I switch my folder icon back? For an example I will include a image.


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And is it only Limewire that does it, have you tried any other p2p programs such as ares?

if so, does it do it?

Only LimeWire. I already uninstalled it, because I hate it. All I am trying to do now is get my Music Folder Icon back. It may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but it is to me. Take your time though people. I am not in much of a hurry. I been trying to google and such and can't find anything

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Had you tried restarting before that to fix the problem? lol

Yeah and it didn't fix it. I had to delete "Music" foldr then recreate one with correct icon. Which it then still didn't fully correct it. I shut it off and came home and it finished itself for me.
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I can only help with so much, I begin my college this year and will be majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Electronic Engineering, so I will be turning here to ask questions if needed, so I'm going to help as much as I can with people's problems around here.

Never know when you might need them to help you.

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