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BroadBand now moving to FIOS


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I was happy with COX and my wrt54g.  Now I'm with Comcast and wrt300n (two hard wired plus one linksys N card) and Skype no problems nor complaints WPA security.  In the fall will move to a top of the line everything grade-A circa 1920 house with plaster walls (real sheep poop and wire), fabric covered copper wire and a fuse box with screw in fuses.  Long ago it had cable in one room the wires are still there but I know Cox would want to replace them now....no interest in TV.  Believe that FIOS (there is phone service) four prong plugs with digital adapters might be easier to do.  Would I still be able to use my current router on top of whatever Verizon feeds into the house?  Of course money is an issue but if I have to swap something out I will.  Ideal fantasy right now is Fios into the house, plug it into wrt300n that into a pc (windows) another cable into back of router and bridge net through rest of the house both wireless and over the internal grid.  June now I move in fall and would like to hear any suggestions. 

Thank You all

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I'd like to know what's involved as well.  I live in an apartment and I am interested in FIOS, but I don't know if it's feasible.

Also, I have read that they need to install stuff on your computer and I'm not sure I want any junk on there cluttering it up.  Is it not as simple as plugging it into your modem and/or router??

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if you are interested in fios and live in an apartment complex, my best guess would be that it wont happen unless the entire apartment complex went for it - that is because you are living on private property and unless they approve equipment installations and digging and what not, dont count on it...

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