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Wahoo, I will be blazing fast in two days


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I wonder if anyone remembers me?  Probably not.  I have RCN for an ISP and have been stuck on what they call "one way" for over 6 years.  Essentially that means that while I download at 8500+kb/s, I upload at 22kb/s because one way still uses a 56K modem in order to send data.

Well last week they called me to let me know that I finally have access to two way which means I will be trucking along at 20mb/s down and 2mb/s up.  It's going to be a HUGE change.  Not only that, but one way still uses the phone line for obvious reasons so I've been having to connect and disconnect whenever I want to start and stop surfing. 

This right now is like being on dial up 1.5 because of how crappy it's been.  I'll be sure to post some speed tests in the other forum once I get set up, they'll be here Thursday.

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Good God, I didn't know that the one way system even existed any more.

Return in the cable plant is quite simple; one system I used to worked for has had the two way running since 1979.

Enjoy your new found speeds and ease of use!!!!

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Yeah, I know some techs that work for RCN and even they said they can't believe it took this long for me to get upgraded.  I was so close to dropping them because I couldn't deal with the 2KB/s upload anymore.

I guess I'll change my TCP Receive Window now since I'm bored.

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