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how to connect my net connection(smartbro) to router (asus rx3041)


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i only use 2 pc to be routed. one at the my homeoffice and one in my room

when my smartbro connection is connected directly to each pc's, i can browse the internet

but whenever i connect the 2 pc's to the router, the network connection of each pc states that it is connected but the problem is it cant browse the internet, it always shows the message page cannot be displayed or try again. why is this happening?

please help me......

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Smartbro is wireless correct?  Is there some type of base station that you are plugging into the router?

Alright I was able to track down some instructions for ya.. It looks like their network operated on MAC addresses from computer as their system of tracking who is using what.

sir you need the portal to login to your smart bro account. pero you only need this everytime you turn on your router I gave an instruction to some for a BEFSR41 router a while back on how to make it work. I'm sure it will work for you too.

Things you should do to make it work.

1. You need to set your router to auto obtain an ip address.

2. Next you need to get the mac address of the lan card where in the smart bro was connected or installed.

3. Use the mac address in the configuration of your router so that it will trick smart bro that it is the lancard. Mac Cloning.

4. Use IE or any browser to open the portal and login.

5. Once you've done this all PC can now browse the internet.

Also check out marqt2t setup this is the same one.

Basically what you are doing is fooling their authentication servers, the smartbro portal thingy that you log onto... Into thinking that the same computer is still on the connection.  Then you should be able to use the router without any additional setup. What type of router do you have?

If you have having problems let us know.. I am sure that someone, if not myself, will be willing to walk you through getting this all set up.

BTW Welcome to the forum!

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