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Yup, it's all about the tweaks! Does he/they know that you can tweak those things?Does having knowledge about the mere a violation? 'coz i once told the CS if that is a crime because one friend who can do that... (actually me 2...) but just to protect my identity, i gave him as an example..  :azn:

And another thing, is changing AP's a violation? I mean, its the work of the repairman, and we smart bro subscriber are meddling with it!!

Cheers Guys!!! :smitten:

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I have talked to the CS several times, and the last time was i don't have internet connection for half day. I told them I accessed the SM and changed my AP because  that's the immediate way to resolve the problem, even I am aware it's a violation of the contract, I don't have to wait for the field visit of their incompetent technicians. The CS just listened to me. She can't argue with me and she didn't warn me or something. If you are not 100 % of what ur doing then never attempt to access the GUI or your contract will be void.  :wink:

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I see... What css file are you using in cable nut?  can you give me a link of the file? Did you see some improvement in your speed when you used these to software?

And another one, do you use the tcpip.sys patch that changes your half open slots to 50?

if this new to you, try checking out the site.. http://www.lvllord.de/

Thanks for the reply!!

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@thugs I am really not a believer of cablenut or TCP optimizer, but I just tried the settings one that was posted in the forum by gourame. It might improve the performance, as to optimize your computer TCP/IP performance.

But the big factor is the Bandwidth allocated by the smartbro to us. I have noticed (there was a time my base station is okay for a month)  even no tweak is done on the PC as long as the Bandwidth of the smartbro is Okay, the internet speed is really fast. My speedtest never dropped to 384 kbps even during peak hours.

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