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RoadRunner Internet Issues, Please Help

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Ok a month ago I was having issues, I thought it was my modem. Ok here is what it does, my internet disconnected and all and my modem attempts to connect and all it does is make it to send and the send just flashes. After a while it'll restart trying to connect. Ok I have the Motorola Surfboard SB5100. I took it back and it connected fine with the new one. So I figure hey it had to be the modem. Well this morning it did it again, I unplugged it all night and it fired up again this morning. Please help me try and figure this problem out. Btw I am in the Erie, PA area just incase someone wants to check if it was just maintenance or something. Thanks!

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Sometimes it can be your modem having power level issues.  Try bringing up in your browser to take a look.  Post em if you aren't sure.

It may have been a maintenance window on the network.  RR has a "Network Status" page that might be worth a look: http://help.rr.com/HMSLogic/network_status.aspx

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Wait a minute. So you're saying if I have a bunch of things into one power strip like my a/c, my modem, router, and all this could cause this to do that? I was kind of thinking that also, because my a/c was also acting weird like kicking on and off.

That could be a reason because you don't need your whole house ran on just 1 surge protector. You need to make sure you don't overload the Joules on the surge protector and blow out the Wall Outlet with too much power. I happened to do that once  hooked up 15 computers to 2 surge protectors and into 1 wall outlet and  it really blowed a fuse to where my office area was starting to smoke a little.

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